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  • ENEROCEAN, IFREMER and SABELLA technical teams have successfully performed cyclic and static tests on a highly-instrumented newly designed tidal turbine blade at Brest Marine Research Centre IFREMER in the framework of the RealTide project.

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  • One of the main environmental impacts of tidal energy is due to the operations related to the installation, the maintenance throughout the life cycle of the turbine and, finally, during dismantling.

  • This document presents results from an investigation performed at IFREMER to evaluate the durability of alternative composite materials for tidal turbine blades.

  • Report describing the coupled BEMT-CFD models and presenting the simulation data.

    The report was subjected to internal quality review by BV and was assessed the suitability of the integrated model (electro-mechanical, BEMT and CFD) for further use in WP3, WP4 and WP5.

    D3.3 Report on BEMT- CFD modelling of the Sabella D1X turbine
  • The aim of this report is to compare experimental results, obtained during tank tests at IFREMER and floWave, to calculate results from BEMT and CFD models.

    This report will validate the numerical models and describe how to consider real environmental conditions in modelling.

    RealTide Deliverables: D3.4 Paper describing the inter-comparison of BEMT, Blade resolved CFD and BEMT-CFD models of the D1X turbine


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