Case Studies: RealTide Activity

The RealTide project consists of a wide variety of activities. The following case studies provide examples of the ongoing work of different partners in fulfillment of the project’s aims and objectives.

Case Study 1

Instrument Integration

Acoustic instrumentation deployment on and around the Sabella D10 turbine to capture parameters to contribute to site characterisation, measurement and modelling tools.


Instrument Integration

Case Study 2

In contrast to the large material databases which now exist for wind turbine blades and the well known loadings, experience with tidal turbines is relatively limited. Activity on the RealTide project is underway to make in-situ measurements of strain during deployment of the Sabella D10 turbine.

Case Study 3

Instrument Integration

A new BEMT tool, christened as ‘StarBlades’, has been developed within RealTide project, which computes the forces on a tidal turbine in realistic inflow conditions.


Instrument Integration

Case Study 4

The fatigue methodology aims to address the three main complexities associated with the fatigue evaluation problem for a tidal turbine blade – namely, the complexities in the loads, the material and the description of the fatigue phenomenon.